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Helen was in her late thirties and still not married. She just had a hard time meeting men. And the men she did meet all ended up being jerks. Finally, she decided to place an ad in the personals in the newspaper.

Helen wrote: "Looking for a man who wont beat me, wont leave me, and is excellent in bed." ..

Several days went by and she hadnt gotten a single call. Then, one day she was doing her laundry when she heard a knock on the door. She walked upstairs to answer it. She opened the door and saw a man in a wheelchair with no arms and no legs.

"Can I help you?" Helen asked. .. He said, "I am the man of your dreams!" .. Helen was baffled. She said, "Excuse me." .. "I read your personal ad in the paper and I am the perfect man for you. I have no arms, so I cant beat you. I have no legs, so I can never leave you." .. "But are you good in bed?" Helen asked. .. He replied, "How do you think I knocked on the door?!"


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