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Hey buddies check out the funky polls and see how many of us think what.............
Being Single ?
More exciting Boring Better Saturday nights Better lifestyle overall
Do you believe in ghosts?
Only in story books Yes, I've seen them No, they don't exist Maybe
How many times do you go to toilet ?
Once a day Twice a day More than twice a day
At what age did you have sex ?
Under fifteen Fifteen to twenty More than twenty
Still waiting
How often do you have sex with your partner ?
Everyday Twice a week Once a weak Rarely
Does big boobs matter to you ?
It's a must Hardly care Yeah! if I'm allowed to touch them Can't say
Would you exchange your date with your friend's limousine ?
Man you suck Low thoughts about it Depends on the situation
Have you ever cheated on your honey ?
Yes, all the time Yes, only once No way, never I'm not dating anyone exclusively
Do you think you ejaculate prematurely ?
Only some time Never,I am a stud Its a big problem for me Can't say
What's your favorite thing about the beach?
Swimming Hanging out      with my friends Countless      tanned honeys Volleyball/Frisbee I can't stand      the beach
How often do you shave in a week ?
Everyday Once 2-3 times Never
Which alcoholic drinks you prefer the most?
Beer Wine Whisky
Do you take a look at your shit after getting up from the pot ?
Always Sometimes Never This site sucks
What is the best way of relieving your tensions ?
Sex Chewing bubblegum Smoking Drink alcohol Music
The most repetative words in your vocabulary ?
F...k ! U know Oh shit! None of these
What's your bust size ?
Less than 34" 34"-36" 36"-38" More than 38"
Which sports interest you the most ?
Soccer Cricket Tennis Rugby
What does dating signify ?
Sex Time pass Serious relationships Friendship
What irritates you in your partner ?
Flirting Couch potato Spending habits Picking nose
What excites you ?
Bungee jumping Multiple orgasms Chocolate mousse Fast driving

Who would you vote as the Sexiest Hollywood Actor?
Ben Affleck Brad Pitt George Clooney Vin Diesel

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