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Windows vs Linux – the showdown


There is a great movement taking place around the world, a movement gathering momentum as we (i)speak. A revolution is brewing…the world is getting ready for its next major show down… forget mohammad ali forget world wars its time to watch Linux take up windows in its own back yard. And its time to see bill gates stock value plummet .

Here is a statement that sums it all up
“To mess up a Linux box, you need to work at it; to mess up your Windows box, you just need to work on it.”

Ok enough of the humor lets move on to a more serious analysis of which operating system is infact better? which one is more secure? which handles viruses better ?etc etc…….


For the uninitiated I will chalk out what windows and linux are all about then move on to comparisons. Linux is an operating system—not a complete operating environment while Windows is a complete operating environment. Windows has a single interface while Linux has no built-in GUI interface. Users are free to choose among many commercially available or free GUI interfaces, such as Motif, Gnome etc each of which has a different look and feel. But unfortunately this means that programmers have to support either all the GUI’s or simply focus on one which is a clear disadvantage straight away as far as Linux goes. Windows has one general GUI interface which has served many millions of people and works for thousands of different applications. Which is a detrimental to the cause of Linux since with as many GUI’s available how much time must a lay user spend on deciding which one is appropriate for him and works with all his applications.

Linux is an open source which means the source code is available for every one to see and develop. Various companies and developer can make use of this essential core source and modify and extend it . The source code is included with the compiled version and modification or customization is actually encouraged. The software developers who support the open source concept believe that by allowing anyone who's interested to modify the source code, the application will be more useful and error-free over the long term. This also means it will be cheaper since there are virtually thousands of programmers who will be working of their own volition adding to the features and providing them largely free of cost. While windows is compiled ready to run OS with the source code hidden from general public.

According to Forrster Research inc., while both Linux and windows are securely deployed Microsoft fixes security problems quicker. But then it most likely also has greater security holes.

Focusing on home pcs I think windows has a clear advantage as far as utilities go. With far greater number of programs and applications written for windows almost all applications will run with windows. This might change over a period of time though.

Windows is probably more compatible with the internet with a host of internet utilities that are other wise lacking on Linux but since it is the more widely used OS it is also more susceptible to virus attacks specifically written for windows.


Linux drivers are hard to find for some hardware. Unfamiliar file systems, incomprehensible error messages make it still very rough on the edges. But hey it is Getting better. Besides Linux crashes significantly less often, and can run continuously without problems for months or even years without being rebooted. And as a general consensus amongst developer and programmers Linux provides superior security compared to Windows systems, and works on more hardware, from 486 processors to the latest Pentium 4s.

The reason why windows is more popular though might have more to do with it’s exaggerated marketing budget and a possibly inaccurate notion that it is more end user friendly.

All in all each OS has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Windows is widely accepted everywhere and has millions of software packages that run under it. But it is buggier, less secure. Linux is on the other hand solid and smooth running, and feels more stream-lined to many. I am not recommending either OS that up to u to decide. And if u so desire u could partion ur hard drive in to two and have both of them running.



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