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Who Called ?


We've all come across stupid, mundane and rhetorical questions, that people ask us. The answer is not important because it is redundant, but we still have to answer them, to avoid further questions.
We especially don't want to deal with these questions during critical situations. But as life and coincidence has it, we face them especially during those critical situations.

Tackling these questions requires a lot of nerve on your part, especially if they are really stupid questions asked to you by your mother, father or siblings. It can test your patience.


How do we deal with them? I dont know? I faced one recently...check how i dealt with it.

Saturday evening or night. Obviously I’m at home. Alone. But there was a great football game going on TV and my team was doing well for once.

The phone rang. It was my aunt. Lets call her Greta. She told me to give my mom the following message, “I will meet you at church, Sunday morning. Get the house keys and cupboard keys.”

My team is playing really well now. We are leading 2-0.
My mom enters the room.
I give her the message, trying to be as eloquent as I can, “Greta called. She said that, she would be meeting you tomorrow at church and she told you to get the house and cupboard keys.

1 second.
2 seconds.
3 seconds.
4 seconds. I’m surprised.
5 seconds.
6 seconds.

Mom : Who called?

There you go Kenneth, I think.

Me : Greta

Mom : What did she say?

Me : That she would be meeting you at church and that you need to get the
house and cupboard keys with you.

Mom : Tomorrow?

Me (Beginning to loose my steely nerve) : Yes. Tomorrow is Sunday rite?

Mom (Irritated by my sarcasm) : House keys and cupboard keys?

Me : Yes

Mom : Ok

The opposition team scores one goal.

Score : My team 2 : 1 Opposition team.


8 seconds later.

Mom (thinking) : So Greta called huh?

Me : Yes

Mom (Looking at me) : And she’l meet me tomorrow at church?

Me : Yes

Mom : And she asked me to get the house and cupboard keys?

Me : Yes.

Just then, the opposition team scores another goal

Score : My team 2 : 2 Opposition team

I want to scream in a pillow, but I think happy thoughts.

1 nanosecond later.

Mom : Maybe, I should call Greta to confirm everything.

I don’t know what to feel. Anger or Redundancy?. So I go out and sit on a bench.

By the way, my team lost the game 2-3.


-- Kenneth S. --


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