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A tale of two princes (Warped)

A long long time ago in a far of land, there lived a prince and then there lived another prince(surprise surprise).

The two princes got into a debate,the prize for which was the beautiful princess, on what was worse- a warped sense of hearing or a warped sense of mind. Of course in the heat of the disscussion they failed to see the DRAGON! , Who ate the two princes Tandoori style and had the SWEET princess as an after dinner mint.

Present day scenario, my friend Doody and I stumble on the ancient document announcing the debate whilst having tea in a roadside dhaba in Paris(hell since im making things up why donít I take a trip to some internationally expensive place). Of course since the topic was very interesting we decided to continue in the memory of the beloved tandoori martyrs.


“A warped sense of mind, my worthy opponent, is definitely worse than a warped sense of hearing,” said Doody holding his jacket, as if it were to prove the superiority of his intellect over mine.

“How many! How many perverts roam the street of our beloved city”, “Ah” I interject “but how many of them are actually guilty of the crime in relation to their perversion”.

“If you look at a girl you find attractive”, I continued (the best way to shut your opponent is to not give him a turn to speak), and “what are the chances you are having perverse thoughts about her?”

“High chances, right? But exactly what lengths will you go to, to actually commit a sexual misdemeanor against her?” I said pointing my eyebrows at Doody.

“Hey Hey Hey”.

“You wont do anything! I know” “but then it leaves us with a small percentage of people who actually commit the crime, which is an insignificant number against the massed odds of the people with a warped sense of hearing”

“How so?” asked Doody

“Well for one instant lets say a guy says im getting late and the other hears I’m getting LAID, his first reaction will be congrats-with whom?” “Now imagine the pandemonium that occurs, the first guy thinks that the second guy has lost his marbles and is a real hard ass for congratulating him on getting late, in other words the first guy thinks that he likes seeing him in trouble and refuses to talk to him, whilst on the other hand the second guy thinks that by not telling him about his erotic rendezvous he does not trust him and he says “if this guy cant trust me, then he’s not worth the friendship” sooo at that point and further till these guys discover what happened, there is absolute pandemonium!”

“So as you see when you have a warped thinking, it is more or less bound to effect you, if it does at all, but a warped hearing effects two people who influence million other people in their sway, therefore causing a larger impact of its warped ness (if there is such a word) than what is done by a warped sense of mind”.

The argument stopped there due to reasons of a beautiful girl we were ogling at (but we didn’t do anything!). Doody is now pursuing a career in sound engg: and now agrees that a warped sense of hearing is worse than a warped sense of mind.


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