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F~cking Time Constraints


Off to work he goes,
A very white and red scooter under his arse.
A marose evenin, with non bright red ligts to light up the road.
The skies are signalling uncertain showers. They are black, but they are unsure.
A rich vein of thoughts corrupt him, thoughts of being tucked in bed within 2 hours,
without a care in a world, thoughts of recieving a pay check the following day, to buy the new
shoes, thoughts of introducing himself to the new girl arrived at the neighbourhood.

Its his lucky day, he thinks.
The skies decide to remain kind to him.
A stream of pleasant cold air, rubs the contours of his face, as he speeds his scooter, on the
suprisingly non-trafficed road.
The ever problamatic scooter, hasn't given up on him tonight.
Just another 10 minutes or so, in the current circumstances, and im done for the day.
Pretty good day by the look of things,
No problems. All deliveries were made well on time.
2 girls on the counter smiled back.
Made a new friend, lost an annoying one.
Last day of the month tomorrow, get some cash.
Gods good. Lifes great.
It starts raining.

Thank god, for the windcheater, no harms yet.
Please god, no more fuck ups.
Just another 8 minutes or so to go.

He joins the traffic jam, in the next lane.
Fuck, this lane, is always comfortable, never jammed.
Guess ive used all my bad luck for the day, in the past 2 minutes.
They are trucks, cars, jeeps.
Even the f~cking scooters can't figure out a way to get their asses out of here.
Times ticking.
He waits for an agonising 5 minutes.
09:56:00 PM.

Enter good luck.
The traffic cop, stops all traffic from the adjoining road,
and lets the vehicles from HIS lane, to move.
It stops raining.
Hes got 2 minutes to reach there. Its difficult.
Hes riding like never before.
The scooter engine blows up.
10:02:00 PM.

He leaves the scooter,
Runs with the delievery.
Reaches there.
10:07:00 PM.
Rings the bell.
Im sorry your late,
This ones for free.
Sorry Pizza Delievery Guy.

Order Time : 9:30:15 PM
Delivery Time : 10:00 PM
Take : $20.

Guess it was a mixed day after all.
The pay check would be 300 - 20.
Thats all. Just 20 for this month.




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