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Play - But only in your head


The mind of men or boys. There are 2 things that more or less similar. Immaturity and Fantasies.
Take for this talkathalon I was having with my friends. There were 9 of gathered out there 5 girls and 4 guys. We talked about all things unimportant and worthless but we were having fun. Thats what youth is all about isn't it?

Anyways, the base of conversation typically shifted to sex and when was the last time each one had "done" it. I hate it when others say "done it" as if it is some kind of a work assignment to be completed with a time deadline in mind.

So after everyone lied about the last time they had done it, I however decided to remain truthful (I’m a frank asshole) said i hadn't had sex for a long time. The girls had a quizzical and sorry look and the guys looked at me as if i was the unfortunate beggar that nobody wanted to "tip". So of course in a typical 20 year old style i had to "make up" for the howler. So i said "I won't have unless it fulfills any one of my fantasies". The truth was that i wasn't even close to getting a woman/girl in bed after my breakup. Not even close. Anyways the word "Fantasy" totally shifted to mood and direction of the conversation.

By now, every girl and boy were replaying their fantasies in their head and pretending to feeling fine and normal. I saw the "raging hormones" through my subconscious eye and i brought the damn thing to the surface.

Me : So Natasha, Whats your fantasy?

Natasha : Why do you want to know?

She was just being feminine....you know the ones that withstand from giving out "personal" information, let alone "ahem" sexual fantasy preferences. It was one of the reasons I was attracted to her.

Anyways after much cajoling...she finally let the kitten out of the basket,

Natasha : "Making love, to the true love of my life" under the sun on the beach, with nobody around, just the two of us and the water overlooking us.

The other girls joined in

Tina : Ya, during the sunset time.

Rebecca : With some candlelight and incense in the air.

Rose : Orange skies.

Diane : Gentle and slow.


Check the guys out.

Josh : Want to bounce a Latina or Filipino housemaid.

Mark : Want to pump a stranger housewife.

Steve : Want to screw a stranger in an elevator after it stops working

And then it was my turn.....and they all looked at me.

Me : To “play” with my teacher.

All nodded in agreement. The boys had more "sweaty and stimulating" fantasies than the "irritating, typical and unachievable" ones by the girls.

Around 3 months later.....

Me : Maam, we had to go over these articles that I had written for the college magazine.

Maths teacher : Yes, when?

Me : How about after college, thers a coffee shop outside....we can sit there all we want.

The "date" and time was fixed. I was looking forward to it like crazy....it was like a fantasy come true....well kind of....I was expecting a lot...you know, the gentle un-accidental meeting of knees under the table, the curling toes, her toes ringing up my heels and going upward, to stealing stares and glances, the looking into eyes for extended periods of time, not saying anything, hormones racing and other expectations.


She looked really nice, with her black dress at 26, standing at 5 10", was sure a visual treat.

Me : Here are the 4 articles

Maths teacher : Ya ok, this is allright but i wanted to meet with you to talk about something else.

I felt the time had come. I loved it when the women made the first move. This was definitely heading in the right direction, probably with some effort would lead to some really kinky sex, in a very erotic setting and environment, or so I thought.

Maths teacher : I haven't been seeing you at class all that often, recently....<raising her voice a little> What is the matter with you? Your grades last semester have dropped significantly since the early semesters. I hope your not letting this extra - curricular activities ruin your education and academic grades.

I hadn't even expected something close to what I just heard, but I had to keep my cool and gather myself and come up with a believable, sane and prompt response real quick.

Me : Nothing Maam, I just had some other work.

Now that wasn't very clever on my part.

Maths teacher : What do you mean? What can be more important than your studies? You better re-focus. You are a good student. I don't want to see you waste away your life. If I don't see you in class regularly enough, Im afraid I would have to let your parents know about your new intolerable conduct.

I was beginning to get quite bored and peeved by my "sexy" math teacher's backlash. I felt that all my dreams, rather fantasies had turned to dust in an instant of purposeless stupour and i had expected too much, way too much

Me : Maam, Why come here to tell me all this? I mean, we could do this at college, isn't it?

Maths teacher : Yes, we could. But I was way too mad with you lately and I was afraid If I brought this up in college, I would have embarrassed you in front of everyone and I didn't want to do anything that I would regret later on.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing for the past 30 minutes but this took the cake. Here I was, trying to work my way inside this gorgeous woman's skirt albeit erotically and here she was trying to "not embarrass" me in front of my peers.

Coffee over. Date Over. She left with the articles.

I guess one should think of fantasies as just that. Fantasies. Don't try living them for real, because they have a way of looking back and smiling at you and then kicking you so damn hard in the balls that you become incapable to have similar fantasies for a long long time. So please dear guys and girls, Fuck "un-fuckable" people in your head. ONLY IN YOUR HEAD and don't think it would happen in real life because you may just........may just be disappointed.

-- Kenneth S. --


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