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Super Hero No. 1


In your flight of fantasy what powers would u like to have??? So often in ur life u have felt powerless .But if u had a chance what super hero powers would u like to have to fulfill ur ambitions, dirty or sane. I have always on my part wondered what kind of super powers I would like to have. I don’t intend to be a crime fighting savior of this world but it would be cool wouldn’t it. There are so many super heroes to go around, so many superhero powers to choose from. So I have compiled a list of super heroes and tried to arrive at the coolest super hero whose powers I would like to share.

Superman - Superman possesses a wide range of optical super-powers, including X-ray vision, which enables him to see through all substances except lead; telescopic vision, which enables him to focus on objects millions of miles away; super-vision, a combination of X-ray vision and telescopic vision, which enables him to perform such optical feats as peering through the wall of a house thousands of miles away; microscopic vision, which enables him to examine the tiniest atomic particles; heat vision, which enables him to apply intense heat to any substance except lead;
There have been many strong men in the world, but none with the amazing power of Superman, whose rippling steel muscles can blast boulders to dust and move mountains.

Power Rating - ***1/2

Spiderman - He's strong, but not that strong. His main ability is his super-agility, just dodges his opponents until something clever occurs to him. He's also one of the few superheroes who consistently has a sense of humor. Of course he can tie villains in sticky threads and can swing around the city. That might be a thrill but not too powerful. Maybe too human for my liking.

Power Rating - **


Batman - Depends too much on gadgetry , no real superpower. One gets a cool bat mobile to ride in, but the burden of carrying such a heavy suit????? Of course one major advantage is you get to be rich in your off hours .Too powerless I think ..I will let George Clooney and Val Kilmer be Batman Not for me thank you.

Power Rating - *1/2

The hulk - You have all seen the movie. For once your anger gets proper expression .For each time you wanted to blow the world to pieces in a hysterical fit. There has never been a limit shown as to the highest strength the Hulk can reach thus it is assumed it is limitless. The Hulk has shown many incredible feats of the years, including holding up a 100 billion ton mountain during the Secret Wars and breaking open Onslaught's armor when the combined might of the rest of the world's heroes couldn't even make a scratch in it. He has a super human jumping ability. Can jump high into the earths atmosphere with a single jump. Besides this he has super human healing ability. It takes the Hulk minutes to regain the mass and be completely healed. Plus u get to be greennn ..cool ha!

Power Rating - ***(will be an interesting match against super man)


Sabrina the teenage witch - Unexpected entrant in the world of superheroes, but a quite worthy one with all her magic powers and ability to turn men into cats and donkeys. A highly rated super power.

Power Rating - **(but too many magic spells to memorize)


Magneto - Master of Magnetism, giving him complete control over anything magnetic

Power Rating - **

Professor X - Can control other peoples minds,read them and transmit messages telepathically. I like this power.

Power Rating - ***1/2

Rogue - Can absorb other peoples powers by touching them.

Power Rating - **

Cyclops - I believe he is the one who has the laser eyes.

Power Rating - **

The Flash - Fast. Real fast. His top speed remains unknown, but he can easily attain velocities that surpass the speed of sound. He can vibrate his molecules to pass through solid matter. If you feel the need ..the need for speed, this is the super hero for you. Belongs to the Justice League of America.

Power Rating-**1/2

The Eradicator - is a living template, able to absorb and duplicate a subject’s memories and innate abilities. It was by absorbing Superman’s energy that he gained his superhuman strength, and the ability to fly.

Power Rating - **1/2

Captain Atom - powers of invulnerability, super-strength, anti-gravity powers and the ability to fire atomic energy blasts. Also able to absorb most kinds of energy,

Power Rating-***


And finally I present to u to super hero of my dreams. He is the ultimate. The most powerful and the most charming. I talk about the mask. What?? U never thought of him as a super hero….Even after the way he romanced Cameron Diaz. The mask that’s what I wish to be. Some one whose powers will reflect my inner persona. Imperishable…the power to make every fantasy come true, the deepest of desires manifested with playfulness only a God can afford. No other super hero is so self confident. He can produce a Bazooka in his pants or make a whole team of cops do the Samba dance. And he can flush the villain down a Toilet bowl he just painted…..

Power Rating-*****

But careful don’t lose the mask or u will just be left clinging to ur old self. So now I have told u my favorite super hero. Do u have any???



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