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BRIT, 27...............VIRGIN.


With women, there ain't no issue at all.
Its so much simpler looking at it from the fairer sex's point of view.
Whenever they feel like, "not being single",
They look at the "herd", called men,
Pick one, sometimes more

Saying that it ain't that straightforward when it comes to men, would be the biggest understatement of the century, by me.
Getting dumped by women, because of a change of mood, on their part, comes second nature to most of us.
Ofcourse it is comourflaged by the oh-so-cute retort, "Lets Be Friends",
We guys have been there, done that.

All of us have gone through the "breakpoint test", as i would like to call it.
Breakpoint test - Definition
Uncomfortable, awkward or embarrasing situations, that occur with men, while trying to get a girl to "SCORE".

Everyguy has his own share of breakpoint tests.

David Beck, 27 Brit, Virgin, claims hes been through a thousand of them, without even scoring at the end of it all.

This is what David says.
Jessica, close friend and a girl who I had been contemplating proposing marriage to, once said to me,
"I wish I had a younger brother like you.!!!"
I mean, how is a man supposed to react to a statement like that?
I think women use such statements to see how men respond to situations of extreme stress.
It's probably some kind of experiment in psychology.
And we men go along with it simply because, you know, they are women.

Talking about the strange things women have said to me,
This is one of my favorites:
"You remind me of my dog."
Meaning, I assume,
That I walk on all fours, have long flappy ears, and prefer to relieve myself in front of a water hydrant.
I wonder if anyone would want that kind of person as his or her younger brother.

So, as you would have guessed by now, I am single. I am a single, nice,helpful, generally likeable guy, Who reminds women of their dog.

And I've come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a single woman.

Once, I was talking to a girl on the phone, and we were interrupted when she got a call on the other line.
She came back on line a couple of minutes later with the words
"Oh, I'm sorry about that.That was my boyfriend."
Your what?
And you know another thing? Somehow, I inspire this unprecedented amount of trust in women.
I'm considered completely harmless!
Not only by the women,
but even their boyfriends, fiancés and husbands!
"Oh, you're with him? Fine. Have a nice time."
"You want to take a walk on the beach?
I'm a little busy. Why don't you take him along?"
"It's Valentine's day. The poor guy must be alone.
Why not call him over for lunch?"
I guess I've earned that reputation over a long period of time,
But still, you know, Sometimes you wish the guys would feel just a little bit threatened.

And it's not like I look harmless either.
The following incident is a favorite example:
I was at an Archie's gallery.
This was the time when they had that stuffed monkey on sale.
You know, the one that whistled every time you crossed its path.
The kind of whistle that an average guy might make when a good-looking girl walks by.
So the monkey was on display in one of the aisles, and the first five minutes that I was
there, it must have been triggered about 15 times.
Gets quite irritating,really.
Afterthat, for a few minutes, there was no one in the shop, and I had some peace.
Then a girl walked in, and soon crossed the path of the monkey.
The monkey whistled dutifully.
And out of curiosity, with a big smile on my face for some reason.
I turned to see who the monkey had whistled at.
At exactly the same moment, the girl turned around, to see
who had whistled.
If looks could kill, she would have wiped out an
Make that 7.
I dont want to remember more.

So thats David, twisted and turned, but still UN-LAID.
But David thinks, there are many other guys who may have gone through worse situations.
That thought makes him feel good.
And you know what the scary thing about David's observation is, guys?
He's Damn Right.


-- Kenneth S. --


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