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The Doors of Perception

Perceptions make us or break us. If you view the dictionary it will state that perceptions mean-to understand.

Perception is not constant; it is an ever-changing mind speaks. Tommy Lee in M.I.B said “1500 years ago everybody knew that the Earth was In the center of the universe, 500 years ago everybody knew that the Earth was flat, 15 minutes ago you knew that there was no intelligent life in the universe, imagine what you’ll know tomorrow”. In those 30 seconds he shattered all and any perceptions of Will Smith.

Perceptions are our pillars of support to our entire belief system. Imagine if they came tumbling down, would life as you know come to a standstill.

Yes! For a moment everything will mean nothing and nothing will mean everything. Its like your thinking programme is rebooted, for that one second pre the reboot, you fall into infinity. You’re not too sure whether your legs will hold the burden of your brain and everything is hazy and uncertain, just the way you feel when you consume alcohol.


It generates a high that no drug in the world can give you, but only if you accept it cleansing yourself of ego, stuborness and contentedness with familiarity. Once these hindrances are out of the way, the world is like you’ve never seen it before.

Some people will never be open to new ideas. We call them old narrow minded fogies, but the truth is that these people are far to comfortable in their own perception and changing that would mean havoc in their lives.

To change one’s perception is never easy; it is always tough because we are slaves to our current perceptions much as Frodo is a slave to the power of the ring. The only way is to see it is as a trip to a new place with its own comforts and hassles; you just have to be sick enough of your current thought to try and open up and grab something that may change your life, and in all probability for the better.

Aldous Huxley a famous writer was quoted once by Jim Morrison, who said, "There are things known and there are things unknown and in between are the Doors (of perception)."

--Meet Karan--


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