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What's in a name!!

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. or so Shakespeare(may he rest in peace) opined.Little did he realize

The repercussions of that poetically sound statement.Surely a rose wouldn’t smell as good named after the dictator of some obscure country.Imagine taking a whiff from a Mobutu(erstwhile dictator of Zaire) or presenting a bouque of Lumumbas(Dictator of congo).Doesn’t quite set my sences ablaze,for that matter I would even be suspicios of bringing a red Mona lisa anywhere near my ultra sensitive nose as beautiful as that name maybe.So I guess Shakespeare might not have been so right after all(that won’t go too well with all the custodians of English literature who are to their misfortune pitted against my brilliantlly and insightfully if not sensibly and rationally argued points).


Is there something intrinsic in a word that suits something more than something else.I mean I don’t see myself rooting for Tom Cruise as the governor of California(though Arnold seems to have made it but then he had the muscles to bash my theory to bits).There is something in the name that would only suit a sleek looking heart throb of millions than it would a priest (as he briefly intended to become but I am sure his own name influenced him into thinking otherwise).What is the appeal in one arrangement of letters that isn’t there in another.It might need some careful investigation maybe by a secret agency appointed by the government(to their own benefit,that ways they can ensure a whole race of politicions by simply christening them with the most suitable names or enhance their own political careers by under going a name change and forcing south Korean leaders to chage theirs to less amiable ones ).

And if u are still wondering as to what the deal is,why is this guy rambling on about names.I better remind u dude that having read so far into the article u will only be denigrating ur own sensibilities by cursing mine.

Did anyone know that Harry Houdini was actually named Ehrich Weiss,now that was a smart move. wasn't it? who would ever have remembered a weiss as the great magician( maybe as the inventor of handcuffs but certainly not someone who would do stuff with them).Tina Turner wouldn’t have gotten as many heads turning if she had clung on to Anna Mae Bullock.

So moral of the story is….get a spunky name to stay ahead in the game.Infact in a fit of exaggeration as us humorists are prone to (and paid for),I would say all that matters really is the name contributing as much as 90 % to a persons fame and the rest 10% coming from those measly overrated things called talent and hard work.

As a further example u will be hard pressed to find a Bill who is anything less than nerdy.Both the well known bills have already done much to prove my point).Arnolds are usually macho in attitude if not in body.Toms are always the boys next door. In an ever increasing categorization of people with all the zodiac signs and the numerology fad I am simply adding yet another way of huddling peope together based on their names in this case.It has lots of advantages too.You can create a new hobby out of identifying the characteristics of a name group if your life has lost all its excitement(it must have if you are reading this article).Also if u really think about it you will end up sympathizing with people like Adolf Hitler and Mussolini after all with names like that a person is almost destined to become a tyrant dictator.

So next time Micheal schmacher wins yet another race and Ralph(a dud name)
just lags behind remember the difference lies in the name.

Wishing you a happy name hunting.
The name is Bond…James bond.

send ur abuses at Jamesbond@coolbuddy.com


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