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Moon, the Deflated Balloon and a Cocktail

It all started over a drink. And, before you go on with ‘oh no, not again’. Let me remind you blokes, history never minds being predictable. But, this time the cocktail was called ‘Ego’. Nice name, ain’t it!!!

Three shots with new found companion Deflated Balloon(god only knows from where this sad soul landed) and Moon was all over itself.

‘I make the tides and hence control peoples’ lives. And, I have a scientific explanation to it’, so Moon went on……’since 70% of a human is water I can influence a human life in whichever way I feel like,………can make it laugh, cry, dance, sleep’………’Or maybe fall in love’, added Deflated Balloon.

“Yes of course” said the Moon. Let me show you ……….


As the steam whistle went off, Johnnie knew in no time the train would start puffing its way out of the rusty platform and that he couldn’t take the liberty of admiring those beautiful Spaniard locks of her glistening black hair. Hurrying back to his coach, Johnnie didn’t forget to catch a glimpse of the coach number. Memorised it by the time he made it back to his seat.

His heart was numbly slow. Somewhat dizzy, was the feeling inside. And, he was out of his usual share of wits. Trying hard to comprehend what was happening to him.

Took his hanky out and started wiping the sweat off his forehead. People around were looking at him. Equally confused they all seemed. After all, it’s not everyday that you sweat in winters.

Pouring another shot for itself, Moon looked at Deflated balloon and asked….’so how do you like it’…..’Interesting, I must say’ Deflated Balloon replied back.

By now, things were coming back in perspective. Johnnie sat back straight and let his mind loose. It started scanning all possibilities. He couldn’t move to her coach right away as it was disconnected from his. So, he had no other option other than waiting for the next station to arrive. Where he could flip seats and …..and, do what?

Hmmmm…what could be an unusual line to get her attention. His mind wandered. And wandered all around. Wet and wild. When all of a sudden he felt something holding him back. Found out the next station was about to arrive and the train had started slowing down.

Taking a deep breath, Johnnie closed his eyes for a moment as if memorizing all that he had gone through. This habit had stuck around with him even after he stopped going to school. And, it had been some good some seven long years.

As he got up….. resolved and clear about what to do, his composure seemed to give in. This he had never experienced before. Gathering himself he got down on the platform and started walking in the destined direction. Life seemed to have come to a standstill. Nothing around him could distract him anymore. As if he had been transported to a utopian existence.

Gulping it down Moon looked around in pride and smiled. Deflated Balloon returned the smile in all deserving courtesy but as if holding a grin back.

His footsteps playing the tune of firmament reached the destination. By then, Johnnie had taken a dip in a sea of emotions and was back drenched awkwardly. His heart was beating faster. Any faster, and he would have collapsed. But Johnny’s wily spirit had carried him through the crowded passage inside the coach and……. lo, he was standing right in front her. Her locks held him mesmerized as she was looking out of the window. He could see her eyelashes jutting out of the silhouette of her face like a renaissance masterpiece. Johnnie moved a step closer, mustered up the courage and said ‘excuse me’.
And, a flash of lightening came down and struck Johnnie as she said ‘ yes, please’.

Moon raised its eyebrows seeing Johnnie lying flat on his face. The medical team had arrived on the spot. Moon not being able to comprehend what went wrong with his well orchestrated plot asked Deflated Balloon…’did you get it’

Deflated Balloon taking a sip said….’have you ever heard that kind of Baritone ever before. Man, Gregory Peck would shy away if he heard this guy’s voice…………………………………..’what do you mean’, Moon said as the leftover grin appeared back on Deflated Baloon’s face.



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