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Jazz Ur Blog

You've done the basics right, i.e. the part where you "Get you blog up and running" and you've joined the millions who already have. Then you start browsing, you move around. You notice the other blogs and other bloggers. Some boring, some sketchy, some wicked, some tantalizing and then there are few that are downright ROCKING. Not too many blogs fill the latter category and it is these few blogs who garnish a heck lotta attention and it's not becoz he's way different to you are or not becoz he has technical knowledge and although your blog may pale in comparison to his at the moment, your time is not far behind mate.

Have a theme
Build up your personal personna on your blog and let it show. Speak your mind without giving a **** for the world. Establish your platform aka daily life so that people be interested. I mean there shouldn't be useless ramblings....who the hell wants to know what you had for breakfast...

Some people prefer being anonymous and some don't, but having an anonymous blog especially fits the bill because people may think they know you after a while of reading what you have to say but in actuality they realise they dont even know your f*****g name and that only adds to the mystery surrounding YOU. Everyone wants to get a piece of you, everyone wants to know you and thers only so much that they can explore.....

Run of the mill never survives in any field. Ditto with blogging. You've gotta be on the edge. You've gotta be way different than the norm, You've gotta make people want to come back to read what you have to write, they should be intrigued and be notified in their minds that YOU are different. A little controversy always helps, thus.....

Good writting
After all, this is what it's all about. I'm not saying that you have to look like a literature graduate from Cambridge but you shud avoid the jarring crap that could make you difficult to understand. Blogs can help you to keep in touch with your writting capability, helps you to linger around with different styles of writting and invent some of your own, so Keep it simple, Keep it interesting......

You want a blog your blog to be a standout, then being impulsive is not an option. You've gotta work towards it. Keep the look classy, keep the language simple, Update frequently becoz u dont want ur "fans" to be coming back and seeing your blog entry still the same, becoz it drives them to greener pastures after some time.....

Don't forget your "fans"
Reply to every single comment that your blog recieves so that every visitor to your blog feels wanted. Don't thrash people if they don't agree with you, remember that's not the bloody purpose of this thing. The whole thing revolves around YOU, so say what you have to say, respect other's opinions even if degratory of yours and leave things there......

Using the blogger's link lists you can form of network of like minded bloggers and therby improve your reach and scope, i.e. improves the f*****g traffic on your blog mate.....

These are some things that you could try to jazz up your blog. I'm not saying they HAVE TO WORK, merely saying it's a start, give it a try and change with the flow.

My Blog : http://ken786.blogspot.com/

-- Kenneth S. --

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