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Dementia Daily-Gigolo on the move


Taking the bulls by its horns is the latest trend in the job market, especially the stock market. But the new choices of career are: babbling incoherently, like myself right now. Juggling three balls of fire with your eyes closed and having promiscuous sex with more than one partner for fun and money. Like most fields, women take the lead in this arena as well.

The growing rate of female prostitutes have shocked most of the gigolo's right into their pants. Gigolo's are a dying breed and should be preserved because they too may not be seen again, just like the dodos (the offshoot of which can still be seen in some human species). The last we saw of female prostitutes on the issue of the "extinction of gigolo's" was at a rally where they responded to the gigolo cry of protest with their "survival of the fittest" motto.

Off late, the growing male to female ratio is also a cause of concern to gigolos. They have joined hands with gigolos all over the world and started the WWGF (World Wide Gigolo Fund). They are currently providing fund to those people who have higher girl child to male child ratio.
They are also planning to launch a credit card facility to promote their business and plan to offer regular customers with a buy three get one free offer. They also hope to launch a school for the training of future breed of gigolos who are well acquainted in the art.
They are also hoping to incorporate homosexual trainees in their drive, so that they can tap the gay market as it has great potential.

The organisation also plans to launch brochures where men\women can select their “escorts” from the catalogue. The rates and time slots differ from situation to situation. “The higher the risk, the higher the charge”, is the marketing plan. The organisation also provides free condoms and tampons for protection and in case of a goof up resulting in pregnancy, the agency will provide with the money for abortion facilities.

The organisation will also hold workshops on sex education, urging safe sex whilst promoting their agencies in the process. Top dedicated gigolos have decided to go on a rally to promote “Gigloism” and will indulge their male\female clients twice as much and twice as fast. They hope that this will lead to an increased demand and later allow them to promote their campaign through news daily’s and television media. For the while, they will use mouth to mouth as the preferred medium of promotion.

While the idea is being severely protested by female prostitutes and a large section of society, many people anonymously support this decision. The organisation hopes that the movement will pick up steam and show the world that if women can do it, so can the men.

For further information people can contact them on www.bennifer.com. All clients and users will be provided with amnesty.


--Meet Karan--


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