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If only Bridget Jones knew what a blog is, then that movie wouldn't have released a few years ago. But blogging is here. It's here "Big Time" and it ain't going anywhere. Its popularity has been increasing exponentionally, its become almost a personal necessity for most, like sumthing whose link you put on your visiting card.

It's free. Its usefulness is limitless. You'd realise with time if you haven't already.
Almost everyone has a blog nowadays. If you haven't yet, what the hell have you been waiting for.

For dummys, a blog is a personal diary that (ahem!!!) can be read by everyone in the world, i.e. through the internet. So you can post in entries like you do in your diaries. You can do this whenever you want, however often you want, everyday, every hour, every minute, whatever. But don't confuse blogging with an obsession that would only interest people who have an inkling to writing diaries, because its so much more and better than that. For one, blogs are not only about writing, there are other forms of blogs like "photoblogs" for blogs having exclusive picture enteries. Not all bloggers talk about their private lives but they end up writing short enteries or articles which are fantastic reading. Blogs have become a viable mode of marketing and advertising too, and they also keep you in touch with your writing ability.

But the most important reason which separates a blog from a dairy is that you get a global audience and a global feedback, i.e. comments to your entries which gives you a fuzzy feeling that other people are reading what you have to say and they are also opinionated about it. This is the most important reason why blogs have become the most powerful phenomenon on the internet today. You can call it your own private website, all at no cost on your pocket.

There are many domains that you can go to to create your own blog. Here are some steps you can follow to create your own blog :

1. Go to www.blogger.com and click on the "Get my blog" button
2. Once your in, fill in your personal details (as in an email form)
3. Fill up a profile (make it witty)
4. Give ur blog a snazzy title and an optional small description about what your blog is all about.
5. Your blog is ready to use
6. Click on the "Create post" button and key in your entry and then click "submit" and voila you have your own personal diary available in cyberspace.

As I've said before a blog is like a personal website, so with creating a blog you can choose the look that your blog has, i.e. the template of your blog. Blogger gives gives you various options for attractive skins and other add-ons which you can choose based on your preference.

Knowledge of basic HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) can further enhance your blogging experience as you can play with the alignment, type and color of fonts etc etc

Blogger also provides you with other fantastic add-ons but you have to register your blog for these additional software add-ons and then copy paste the HTML code to your blog. These add-ons come free too and they make the blogging experience all the more addictive. Some of these add-ons include the
1. Statcounter - Which keeps a track of how many users visit your blog everyday, so it gives you an insight if your blog is popular or not
2. The Chatterbox - It is an instant messagenger software where your readers can leave messages for you on a tagboard to read
3. Pixie - A weather software that keeps track of the weather and time in your part of the world, and the cartoon girl, changing her clothing as per the weather
There are many other softwares, but you don't want to load your blog with excessive amount of add-ons as it takes that much more time for your blog to load

So what are you waiting for?...It's a new thing. Try it. Its free anyways. And trust me you'l enjoy it. Probably get addicted and complusive like most of the world already is.

My Blog : http://ken786.blogspot.com/

-- Kenneth S. --

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