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Osho - A sacred path


“The moment the child is born, you think, is the beginning of its life.
That is not true.
The moment an old man dies, you think, is the end of his life.
It is not.
Life is far bigger than birth and death.”

Osho sought to break man free of all misconceptions, all dogmas ..set him free to realize his own independent uncorrupted being. Knowing the birth n death of such a person is irrelevant .For some one who taught that the self, the real me is beyond death n birth ..that he’s(it) always been here n will always be here.. it would be a mockery of his message.

Some how osho seems to have been stuck with the image of being a sex guru . But it’s the stupidity of the sex obsessed mind itself that brands him to be so.Which can’t look beyond. Infact osho was possibly more against sex then ur usual priest who makes sex to be an act of immense sin yet giving one no real insight into transcending it. Osho only intended people to transcend sex rather then repress it.For years we have been living with religions that have taught repression and filled the minds of people with dogmas and fears..ideas of heaven n hell..which instead of making a person grow push him into further mental stagnation .Whilst many people get stuck on his outer persona as reflected in the media of some one with 99 Rolls royes and Gucci watches and frequent changes of title from acharya to bhagwan to maitreyi buddha.. But if one carefully reads his message with an open mind it is easy to see that all he ever did was to invite people into a search for their own inner core .His outer persona was a challenge to our preconceived notions of how a persona of a guru should be.

Reading about oshos life one is amazed.Through out his childhood as the rest of his life osho was a rebel as never been.Questioning every possible tradition in his quest for truth .
While speaking all his life against old traditions that bind man and set him back osho was loved immensely by seekers of truth who were sorely disappointed with what the traditional religion has to offer, not providing any true ways and insights to a final fulfillment.
Oshos Essential message was of being a witness and his emphasis was on meditation. To which effect he created n rediscovered many meditations. To seek truth in ones inner being then in false outer identities and assertions. He shunned all philosophy, which he knew from his own life experience to lead no where. But adopted an existential view to truth where it must be lived and not just perceived or merely described,
I have read quite a few of oshos books but one book I would like to mention is “Seeds of revolutionary thoughts”. which to me was his most essential message and purely form a stand point of some one who is already set out in search for that truth that will liberate one from the limitations of living in and identifying with a constrained mind n body.


Osho never wrote a book though he is probably the most prolific author ever with over 600 title that I believe are in print in many languages and cover every possible aspect of human life from religion to marriage. All the books are compilations of discourses; darshans, interviews with disciples, visitors, and journalists; letters written by Osho; and personal talks which he gave.
He filled his discourses with anecdotes and jokes which would be some thing of a shock to a priest giving a dull boring sermon. As he said laughter is a poison to the ego.The ego is what need to be shed to have any hope of a glimpse of the truth.
It is impossible to do justice to this giant of a man in such few words. But I would encourage everyone who has bothered to read through so far to embark on his own personal journey in search of deeper meanings n fulfillment if not “truth” in life. Read him with an open mind and u might find many a doors opening in life, solutions to problems emerging..But it might take extraordinary courage to face up to the mirror that his words will force you to look into. And see for your self how putrid n stale our lives are. But once u have jumped into the fire his words themselves will create a path for you.

It would be totally unfair of u to reject him without at least reading what he had to say. It’s easy to create a negative outer persona when some one is saying some thing which is contradictory to the view u have upheld so far. And it’s easier still to make up stories specially about a person like osho.But these are the people who have never bothered to go into his essential message
And if at all debate some thing then debate that rather than his “media” created personality.

"My whole effort here is to give you a taste of freedom. Once you have known the taste, you will never settle for anything else. If it is a question of settling somewhere, you are wrong. My sannyas is a wandering; it is not a settlement"

"Truth cannot be practiced. You have to dissolve yourself into it. Truth can never become something that you can hold in your hand. It is vast. How can you hold it in your hand? It can never become your property. You have to relax into it, dissolve into it."





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