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What If Cartoons Grew Old

We’ve all grown up reading the funnies, in fact we’ve never got over them. They are a part of our daily lives. Some of us can’t bear the thought of getting out of the house until we’ve read the daily funnies. We love them, to say the least we can’t live without them, we have grown old with them but could we ever imagine these characters ever growing old? I mean, lets think about it. How would it be if cartoon that we know so well start getting older.

What would Garfield be like old and too feeble to kick Odie without breaking Odie’s hip and his own leg in the process, or maybe he would suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and keep forgetting who the old geeky unmarried nerd was, standing there just waiting to be insulted (if he could remember any insults).


I wonder at times if Laurel and Hardy grow old how would that be like. They would most probably be sitting on their chairs until Laurel sneezes blowing his dentures right on Hardy’s face and wind up saying “ I’m Sorry Olly” in a toothless voice and that would be all the limit of their constant bungling.

And if Dilbert ever grows even a year older than he is I’m sure he would suffer from permanent arthritis in his finger making him permanently disabled for a job in the I.T business and he would also start losing hair ending up like another pointy haired clueless balding individual already in the office, now if that’s a good thing or a bad thing I wouldn’t know because it depends on the way you look at it. One way he’d be losing the prime of his life but on the other hand he would be the DOPE (Director Of Product Enhancements) in the office.

Another thing that bugs me constantly (Though I’m running away here) is why they call a cartoon strip a cartoon STRIP? I mean do they come in the nude or did the editors strip it from the original?

What of Calvin, I think? If he grew older would he remain the same? A nutty, hallucinogenic kid who plays absolutely unimaginable games like calvinball at the same time retaining his sarcasm to dish out to the real world that he doesn’t understand (like the most of us). Would he lose Hobbes, his imaginary tiger companion who being the manifestation of Calvin’s sanity still indulges in his eccentricities? Would he be trapped away from his own world in the real world?

But regardless of whether these cartoons grow older or stay young, we can be sure that they will continue living and amusing from generation to generation as we grow old.

--Meet Karan--


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