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My Mother

It is u who bought me to this world
and it is u whoz more precious than gold;
It is u who taught me to get up and walk
and it is u who taught me how to talk;

It is u who taught me read and write,
and itz ur heart that is as pure as white;
It is u who corrected me when i was wrong,
and that makes u unique even in a throng;

It is u who taught me to believe in God,
and thatz y to u i must always nod;
It is u who took care of me when i was sick,
and it is u who gave my heart it's tick;

It is u who always have been my friend,
and it is u to whom the hardest will bend;
for all these reasons and more,
That words could never express,

I love u and will love u forever,
and rate u as the BEST mother ever!


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