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The Light Asylum Escape-Room 1
You are a mentally ill patient in an insane asylum,who is bent upon escaping.Use your...

(The Light Asylum Escape-Room 1 Game Walkthrough )
1 Drawer Key: inside sink
2 Tile VI: inside first desk drawer (after unlocked with Drawer Key)
3 Hammer: third desk drawer
4 Army Knife: under the table
5 Tile IX: behind frame on desk
6 Tile III: on the bed under the pillow
7 Tile VII: under the bed
8 Tile I: inside vent on the bed wall (after removing screws with Army Knife)
9 Tile VIII: inside the wall skirting in front of the bed
10 Tile II: inside mirror (after breaking the mirror with the Hammer)
11 Puzzle: this is a Magic Square of 15. You have to place the tiles in order to add 15 in every direction


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