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Hospital Escape
Explore the rooms, find the clues, and try to escape from the hospital....

(Hospital Escape Game Walkthrough )
  1. Go left 5 times (or right once)
  2. Find the pills in this frame
  3. Take the pills
  4. Left once
  5. Take note on cabinet
  6. A syringe is hidden somewhere in this frame, find it!
  7. Take syringe
  8. Back twice
  9. Click on the computer screen
  10. Take the glycerin and the note
  11. Back once
  12. Left once (note there's something in you according to the xray)
  13. Left again
  14. Find a hidden note (look around for it in this frame)
  15. Click on cabinets
  16. Open left
  17. Click on the box
  18. Ignore the password, (red herring), but there is something of interest there, look around.
  19. Pick up the two objects

  20. Click back
  21. Click on cabinets again
  22. Open right
  23. Take the 3 bottles
  24. There is also a test tube hidden in this frame, look around
  25. Click on the notes in the inventory
  26. Note you need glycerin, surose and sodium benzoate to make what you need, and some other important information that's in the last note that you needed to find.
  27. Close the screen
  28. Click on the bottles
  29. Click on the bottles in the order that it tells you in the notes
  30. Once you think you have the right mix, click on the syringe twice
  31. Take the key
  32. Go to the cabinet
  33. Click on the key
  34. Take the card
  35. Go back once
  36. Go to the computer screen
  37. Enter the information the card gives you (case and space sensitive)
  38. Click on the arrow
  39. Go back
  40. Left 3 times
  41. Lick on the door
  42. Click to get out


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