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Virgin's Fart

Two gays, called John and Joe, are in a train compartment with just one other passenger.

"Joe?" asks John. "Do you mind if I fart?"

Joe replies, "Of course not, luvvy! Go ahead!"

And with that John emits a "Pffffffffff!" like an emission of steam, barely audible.

A few minutes later Joe asks, "John? Do you mind I have a little farty poo?"

"No darling!" says Joe.

And John duly replies with a "Psssssssss!" a mere whisper in the air.

The passenger puts down his newspaper and says, "I couldn't help overhearing you two chaps, but would you mind awfully if I had a fart?"

John and Joe reply, "Don't be shy on our part, go ahead!"

And with that the passenger lets out a "HRRRRRMPPPPPHHHHHHFFFFFFFF!", window-rattling, triple salko, 10 pints of Guinness and a vindaloo of a fart with possible follow through!

With that, John turns to Joe and says, "You can always tell a virgin!"


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