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On a lonely island which dont have any animal or human being a plane crashes.

all the passangers leaving a sardar and a goat died.

now sardar is alone with the goat. many days passed like that.

as island is full of vegetables and fruits sardar and goat dont have any problem of eating.

one day sardar is feeling very horny, but he is not able to satisfy his sexual desire.

he thought of f~cking goat.

but whenever he want to f~ck her, goat throw her legs and so sardar is not able to f~ck her.

after few days one more plane crashes and all the passangers leaving a beautiful girl died.

as girl had got many injuries, sardar helped her a lot.

by the help of sardar she got well very soon.

and thanked sardar and told him that he can do anything for him.

then sardar asked her that can u do anything.

girl said yes.

then sardar told her held the legs of this goat as i like to f~ck her.

-- Hemant Pandey


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